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Author: Leila Tan|9/3/2024

Do you suffer from hyperpigmentation? If yes, do you know what causes hyperpigmentation?We do understand that having that unimportant annoying hyperpigmentation can cause stress and unwanted worry sometimes. Know that there are more solutions than ever before for getting rid of hyperpigmentation if you're concerned with dark patches on your skin. In this blog post today, we will provide you the what and why of hyperpigmentation as well as the treatment options for it.



Although it isn't always a skin condition, the phrase "hyperpigmentation" refers to uneven skin tone that appears darker. It's any area of the skin that appears darker than your normal complexion as a result of an overproduction of the brown pigment melanin. Every skin type may very well be affected and it is more likely to occur during pregnancy, as people get older, or following an incident. Hyperpigmentation can occur in isolated locations, spread widely, and have an impact on the entire body.




Melasma, which can manifest as brown areas on the face, notably the cheeks, nasal bridge, and forehead, is more common in women. Those with light brown complexion to darker skin tones are more likely to get melasma. These hyperpigmented spots can form everywhere on the body, but the face and stomach are where they most frequently occur, especially in regions with extensive sun exposure. It's thought that hormonal changes are what lead to melasma, which can appear during pregnancy.


Sunspots also known with many names such as liver spots, solar lentigines and age spots are one of the common hyperpigmentation that occurs among most people. They are connected to long-term, excessive solar exposure. They typically manifest as spots on exposed skin, such as the hands and cheeks. Flat and darker than the surrounding skin, these marks are visible and might resemble freckles and acne scars and can be tan, brown, or black.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

This type of hyperpigmentation occurs as a result of skin damage or inflammation. Acne, eczema, impetigo or any other sort of skin damage or irritant is known as the main culprit to this kind. This occurs when your skin produces more melanin than usual as a result of irritation or injury. Tan, brown, dark brown, or even blue-gray patches and dots on your skin are the symptoms of this skin disorder.



An excessive amount of melanin is a frequent reason for hyperpigmentation. The pigment melanin is what gives skin its color. Melanocytes which are known as the skin cells help in creating melanin production and hyperpigmentation. Your body's ability to produce melanin can be affected by a number of different diseases or circumstances.

Hyperpigmentation may result from some medications. An adverse effect of various chemotherapy medications can result in hyperpigmentation. The skin patches may become gray during these situations. These hyperpigmentation medications can be tricyclic antidepressants and antimalarials. Sometimes certain topical medications can occasionally cause hyperpigmentation.

Addison's disease, which is a rare endocrine condition, can cause hyperpigmentation. This can be visible and noticeable on the elbows and knees as well as on the face, neck, and other exposed skin areas to sunlight and friction. The skin changes as Addison's disease progresses as the adrenal glands produce progressively less cortisol and aldosterone.

Some women's melanin synthesis may be impacted by the pregnancy's changes of hormone levels. But it is known as after the baby is born, the darkish patches that formed throughout your pregnancy will often go away. Pregnant women who want to further reduce the appearance of this darkening are advised to use sunscreen on exposed skin, wear suitable protective clothes, avoid excessive sun exposure, and avoid sunbathing.

Now I know about hyperpigmentation, what is the hyperpigmentation treatment that I can undergo? We can hear you, so do not worry. Below are listed the best treatments for hyperpigmentation.


Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment - Perfect Aesthetic

Pigmented dark circles beneath the eyes can be brought on by a variety of causes, from uncontrollable ones like genetics and allergies to manageable ones like sun exposure and persistent eye rubbing. There are many best treatments for your dark circles and one of them is Perfect Aesthetic Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment .

There's a saying as "the windows to the soul are the eyes". Aging though might make them appear less radiant. You may appear fatigued and older if you have common eye problems including under-eye bags, fine wrinkles, dark circles, or tear troughs. In order to effectively improve the appearance of your eye bags, eye lines, dark circles, tear troughs, and more, New Beauty introduces the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment. This works by the radiofrequency (RF) energy of three different wavelengths penetrates deeply into the various skin layers around the eyes, stimulating collagen growth and dissolving eye bag fat.

The treatment procedure

We have listed the step by step procedure on how this treatment is being implemented.

Step 1: The client's orbits are cleaned before the aesthetician applies RF gel. The therapist will then perform a patch test to see whether the client is suitable for the equipment handpiece and energy intensity. If the customer doesn't exhibit any discomfort, the session won't start.

Step 2: Throughout the process, the therapist keeps an eye on the client's response and modifies the laser energy and level as necessary. The three RF wavelengths penetrate each skin layer in turn (outer, middle, inner). Microcirculation is enhanced by heat for quicker toxin and water excretion.

Step 3: RF is beneficial laser treatments for eye bags, swollen eyes, and dark circles because its thermal energy can dissolve eye-bag fat. After the treatment technique, thermal energy encourages collagen formation by giving fine wrinkles a plumper appearance.

Pros of this treatment

Triple Wavelengths RF Energy: Under-eye circles and dark circles are efficiently treated by three separate RF energy wavelengths that emit thermal energy to reach different skin layers.

Stimulates collagen growth: Collagen around the ocular muscles can continuously increase when exposed to radiofrequency (RF). The skin's elastic fiber networks are supported by new collagen, which increases skin elasticity and lessens the appearance of dark circles.

Boost metabolism: The orbicularis muscles' blood circulation can be aided with radiofrequency (RF). In order to remove dark circles, the heat energy can dissolve the fat behind the eyes by natural metabolic clearance.

Non-invasive Treatment: Surgery, injections, or other intrusive procedures are not necessary with this low risk approach. It works well for both lighter and darker skin tones and a variety of skin types.


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Treatment Guidelines

Before undergoing any treatment there are some important guidelines that need to be followed. Below are stated certain guidelines that a patient needs to be followed before and after the treatment.

Before Treatment

* First of all, you will receive an explanation from our on-staff beautician regarding the Miracle Eye Rescue Treatment's idea, process, and safety measures.

* Please let our beautician know if you have any eye or skin concerns that require medical attention before we start the treatment.

* To prevent eye strain, take three minutes to rest your eyes every half-hour.

After Treatment

* For a week following treatment, keep the treated region out of the sun as much as possible.

* For two weeks after treatment, refrain from utilizing skincare products with abrasive chemicals like AHA/BHA or retinol as well as optical, photothermal, and chemical peels.

* One week following therapy, refrain from alcohol use and strenuous activity.


How to prevent future hyperpigmentation

Keep Skin Hydrated to Promote Cell Replacement

While lightening the dark spots is your main objective while treating hyperpigmentation, an efficient over-the-counter (OTC) moisturizer should also include chemicals that are good for the skin in other ways. A good product will feature hydrating active ingredients, like glycerin or hyaluronic acid, possibly even retinol to stimulate cell turnover in addition to addressing pigment concerns, says a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at NYU Medical School in New York City. These inactive components enhance the efficiency of the active brighteners.

Keep Your Hands Away From Blackheads, Bites, and Other Injuries

Despite your wanting to squeeze a stubborn blackhead or pick at a fresh pimple, keep in mind the instruction to "Don't pick!" and heed it. According to Jeanine Downie, MD, a dermatologist and the director of Image Dermatology in Montclair, New Jersey, "scratching and picking at a place will only worsen the inflammation that's responsible for skin discoloration."

Sun protection for your skin tone

SPF solely describes defense against UVB short-wave radiation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests using a product with Mexoryl, Parsol 1789, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or avobenzone if you want to protect against UVA long-wave rays as well.

Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or more attentively every day is the most efficient strategy to stop sun-induced discolouration. An expert claims that UV rays "simply send the pigment into overdrive, darkening spots." "You must apply sunscreen to exposed regions every day."

Consider a prescription for persistent skin discoloration

It's time to bring in the experts if over-the-counter medicines aren't working. Since hydroquinone suppresses the synthesis of pigment, dermatologists view products containing it as the gold standard for lightening black spots, whether used alone or in combination with other lighteners. They can be obtained with a prescription. Dermatologists should regularly monitor your hydroquinone treatment because it can bleach your skin and make you more sensitive to the sun when used in excessive doses. In addition to hydroquinone, your dermatologist might also recommend tretinoin, a kind of synthetic vitamin A, or topical cortisone cream.

See a dermatologist about high-tech alternatives.

You might want to discuss more aggressive methods of eliminating discoloration with your dermatologist such as a laser treatment procedure, if the topical creams aren't working, such as chemical peels, kojic acid, microdermabrasion, or dermabrasion or according to the International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine.

Further Actions to Avoid or Reduce Future Damage

You can take additional preventive steps to reduce the onset of future dark spots in addition to treatment and sun protection. Avoid irritated or burning skin care products because these might exacerbate or even start hyperpigmentation. Also, guard against additional typical skin-darkening factors by utilizing acne medicine to treat zits and bug spray to ward against bites.



In most cases, hyperpigmentation is neither dangerous nor a symptom of a major medical issue. With proper sun protection, dark patches may occasionally disappear on their own. There needs to be a balance between exposure and protection because the sun is a significant source of vitamin D, which is important for bone health. Depending on your skin type, region, season, and time of day, you may require a different quantity of sun exposure to prevent vitamin D insufficiency.


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How many appointments will I need in order to undergo this treatment and is there any period of recovery?


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