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S6 Body Sculpting Treatment in Singapore

S6 Body Sculpting Treatment in Singapore

Sculpt Your Ideal Body Shape Today!

What is S6 Body Sculpting Treatment?

Discover the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment offered by Perfect Aesthetics in Singapore. This body sculpting treatment option is designed to target stubborn fat cells in specific body parts such as the waist, tummy, thighs, and more, lending to body contouring results and complementing other slimming solutions. Leveraging bio-laser energy, the treatment dissolves stubborn fat cells, while the vacuum suction technology stimulates lymphatic drainage, addressing common concerns such as excess fat accumulation and lack of definition. And by regulating fat tissue volume, this treatment option helps tighten your body outline, giving you a sculpted and toned appearance. Trust Perfect Aesthetics, a slimming center and beauty clinic in Singapore, to deliver body sculpting and slimming treatment options tailored to your individual needs.

Advantages of the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment

Low-Energy Bio-laser²

Low-Energy Bio-laser²

Experience the effects of our Low-Energy Bio-laser² technology with the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment. This treatment utilizes gentle bio-laser thermal energy to target and dissolve fat cells. Complemented by vacuum suction technology, it stimulates lymphatic drainage of the decomposed fat cells, resulting in a refined body contour.

Sculpt the body Shape²

Sculpt the body Shape²

The S6 Body Sculpting Treatment is aimed at those who want an ideal body shape but are too busy with daily duties.

Address Common Fat Areas²

Address Common Fat Areas²

The S6 Body Sculpting Treatment can address specific areas of the body prone to fat accumulation, such as the tummy, thighs, and bottom. Through micro-contouring techniques, it can help address these common fat areas, providing tailored methods to enhance your body outlines.



The S6 Body Sculpting Treatment uses non-invasive technology— no incisions, injections, or pills. There will be no harm to the skin, thus you don't have to worry about a long downtime.
Throughout the procedure, we prioritize your comfort, creating a relaxed and soothing environment. With S6, we cater to diverse body types too.

Achieve Your Dream Body Curves with This Treatment!

How Does Body Sculpting Work at Our Slimming Centre?

How does it work?

Step 1: Consultation and Preparation

To ensure a personalized experience, your dedicated consultant will provide a holistic consultation and an in-depth explanation of the theory and procedure behind the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment. During your consultation, our expert professionals will also discuss the specific areas of your body that you wish to target and your aesthetic goals. We will also conduct a review of your medical history and any previous treatments you may have undergone. This assessment allows us to tailor our approach and ensure the safety and effectiveness of your body sculpting journey. You will then have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the treatment handpiece, allowing you to understand the process. Throughout this stage, our therapist closely observes your skin's reaction, ensuring a safe and customized approach.

Step 2: Application of Bio-laser Thermal Energy

Once you're comfortable and prepared, the aesthetic therapist will position the probe over the treatment area. The treatment equipment emits controlled bio-laser thermal pulses that penetrate into the subcutaneous fat layer, impacting stubborn fat cells. These targeted fat cells then undergo a shrinking process, releasing fatty acids and gradually dissolving. The dissipated fatty acids are subsequently eliminated from the body via the natural lymphatic drainage mechanism. This process initiates metabolic removal, paving the way for a sculpted physique.

Step 3: Lymphatic Drainage Stimulation

The aesthetic therapist then employs massage techniques and vacuum suction technology that serves multiple purposes. Beyond its relaxing and rejuvenating effects, the massage technique activates the body's innate mechanisms, accelerating the metabolic rate. This increased metabolic activity works synergistically to stimulate the lymphatic system, encouraging the drainage of the dissolved lipid cells from the body. By supporting the body's natural processes, this step helps to refine your body contours.

What can you expect from the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment?

Aims at Stubborn Fat Body Parts

S6 Body Sculpting Treatment can address these seven common body fat areas: waistline, tummy, upper arms, outer thighs, calves, above the knees, and backsides.

Encourages metabolism

Bio-laser energy dissolves excess fat cells into fatty acids, and the vacuum suction technology increases the natural metabolic rate to encourage their lymphatic drainage.

Non-invasive treatment

The S6 Body Sculpting Treatment is non-invasive, meaning no incisions, injections or medications. Instead, this non-invasive approach harnesses the body's natural metabolic rate to expedite the elimination of targeted fat cells. As a result, there will be no harm to the skin, eliminating the need for an extended downtime.

Attentive Services

Your consultant will take extensive notes on your opinions and reactions to the procedure. The consultant will also help you set up a suitable treatment plan for optimizing your treatment result. There will also be a detailed explanation of treatment aftercare tips.

Who is suitable?

This treatment suits most people who want to address localised fat accumulation. You may undergo the treatment after a thorough evaluation.

How many session will I need?

We recommend 10 to 12 sessions per treatment plan, with 1 month between each session.

Is there any recovery period?

There is no need for an extended recovery period after each session. You can continue your daily schedule post-treatment.

Who is suitable?

The S6 Body Sculpting Treatment is suitable for individuals looking to address localized fat accumulation. It caters to a wide range of people and can be customized based on your specific needs. Age is not a limiting factor, but a thorough evaluation must be conducted by a healthcare professional to ensure suitability. Whether you are looking for body contouring treatments or bust enhancements, we will assess your medical history and individual circumstances to determine the appropriate approach for you.

How many session will I need?

We recommend 10 to 12 sessions per treatment plan, with 1 month between each session to see visible results. It's important to note that the rate and extent of results can vary among individuals, and it's not guaranteed that everyone will achieve the same outcomes within the same timeframe. Our team of professionals will closely monitor your progress and provide personalized guidance to help you achieve your desired body transformation.

Is there any recovery period?

There is no need for an extended recovery period after each session. You can continue your daily schedule post-treatment.

Results of Our Body Contouring Treatment

Our S6 Body Sculpting Treatment is designed to target stubborn fat, helping with body contours and a sculpted appearance. While individual outcomes may vary, many clients have reported increased confidence. Trust our dedicated team to monitor your progress and provide personalized support throughout your treatment journey

Before After
Before After

Things to Note

Before the Slimming Treatment

Our therapist will explain the theory and procedure of the S6 Body Sculpting Treatment. You may ask any questions.

Consume only some light food right before the treatment session.

You have to ask our consultants for a thorough evaluation if you suffer from chronic diseases or skin conditions (i.e. heart disease, diabetes, eczema, lupus). Pregnant women and breastfeeding women shall not undergo the treatment.

After the Slimming Treatment

You need to wait at least a month before receiving another S6 session on the same body part.

Drink lots of water every day after each session to encourage lipid metabolism.

Wait for the immediate skin reactions to subside before gently massaging the treated body part daily to encourage blood flow for treatment results.

Why Choose Perfect Aesthetics for Your Body Sculpting Treatment

Safe Equipment

For safety and quality, we use genuine instruments from the manufacturer¹

Years of Experience

Our aesthetic team is professionally trained to provide you with quality service.

Speedy fat reduction²

The S6 Body Sculpting Treatment addresses obesity at its root, giving your efficient body-sculpting results.

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2The effect and progress of the treatment will vary due to factors such as individual skin and physical conditions.

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